Yoga Etiquette

Keep the studio a Peaceful Place

We hold space for you in the yoga room not to get away from it all, but to get in touch with THE ALL. It is a quiet place to come for mediation and relaxation before, during and after class. We honor silence in the hot room for those wishing to enjoy the quiet space.

No shoes in the Studio/Hot Room

Please remove shoes before entering the studio and please no shoes in the hot room.

Personal Hygiene

To maximize on your yoga experience, please come to class fresh and clean. Refrain from using heavy colognes, lotions or perfumes before you practice. Fellow yogis will be very thankful!

Respect Each Other’s Space

Be courteous to your neighbors in the hot room especially when placing down your mat/towel/water. Be mindful of your belongings around your mat and make sure you are not blocking someone’s vision in the mirror.

What to Bring into Class

Please bring your yoga mat, towel, water and a good sense of humor. Please NO electronics in the hot room. Please leave everything outside the room and all will be waiting for you after class.