About Fiona

Precision. Intensity. Frequency.

My endeavor is to be a non-judgmental witness to your evolution. I am here to humbly hold a mirror up for you. I want you to go anywhere in the world and feel right at home inside yourself. I want you to remember that you are unrepeatable and irreplaceable. And that this world would not turn exactly the same way, or as well, without you in it. I not only want you to open the door inside of you where you hold your faith, love and power…I hope you blow the hinges straight off.

My mission is to simply reserve a space for you to open your mind and to free your body.

You will discover this openness and freedom through the yoga and pilates. While vastly different techniques, both Bikram Yoga and Pilates Methods focus primarily on the health of the spine, which then radiates well-being throughout the body mind. These intelligent movements will translate into living your life more mindfully with reduced pain and stress. You will be wide awake in your life.

We will work hard and smart together. I’ve learned that water memorizes everything it touches and that it collects nutrients from every 1/4 turn it makes on its long winding way down a mountain…made up mostly of water, you too will gain knowledge about yourself from the fearless twists and turns, ups and downs, ins and outs you allow yourself to make.

I never want you to underestimate yourself again.

Bikram Hatha Yoga

Student since 2002
Certified Teacher since 2007
(Bikram Yoga College of India)

Bikram Pregnancy Yoga

Certified Teacher since 2014
(Kripalu, Rajashree Choudhury)


Student since 2007
Certified Teacher since 2013
(Body Precision, Bryn Mawr, PA)