Welcome to Blue Butterfly Yoga and Pilates Studio

Blue Butterfly is More

Than a physical space with walls and floors; it reaches beyond a class practicing yoga or pilates, beyond the sweat and tears you may shed and beyond the euphoria you will feel having left your comfort zone far behind.

Born from a Place of Love

It is a hope-filled thought, a border-less idea, and it is born from a place of love we all share deep within, where we remember our original nature; a place of well-being, massive vulnerability, incredible strength and a limitless ability to forgive. We knew this place within us when we were small, when our fears were tiny and our wishes were big. We freely believed in our dreams and those of others, and our hearts were wide open. As Emily Dickinson wrote, “our souls stood ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”

Why Blue Butterfly?

The studio name is in memory of my mom who loved butterflies and the color blue! Butterflies have many meanings worldwide. They are symbols of life, love, change and re-birth. They represent our essence and soul, past, present and future. These delicate blue creatures are considered wish grantors, bringing joy, color and change of fortune into our lives.

Think of it…just when the caterpillar thought its life was over, it woke up and took flight!

Join us at Blue Butterfly to turn back the hands of time and re-discover your wings!

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